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Eye Massager

【Product Name】: Eye Massager【Products】: meridian massage + music concept, temple massage design, esp..


Joint physiotherapy instrument

Product Name: Joint physiotherapy instrumentGross weight: 1.2kgOrigin of goods: ChinaCategory: Elect..


Multifunction foot machine

Multifunction foot machineFeatures: warm massage, regular functionMassage: Scraping, fixed point mas..


Shawl cervical massage

Shawl cervical massageGross weight of goods: 2.0kgPower supply: plug inMassage parts: head, face, ey..


Cervical Massager

Cervical MassagerControl method: computer typeSafety Design: YesFuse: YesMassage techniques: multi-f..


Elderly fitness ball massage ball yellow pair

Elderly fitness ball massage ball yellow pairFor people: send eldersMaterial: stoneSize (mm): 60Weig..


Lumbar traction

Lumbar tractionGross weight of goods: 2.0kgOrigin of goods: ChinaParts: waistCategory: lumbar health..


Foot tub

Foot tubGross weight: 2.43kgWhether automatic massage: yesMaterial: PP materialDepth within the barr..


Compressed air atomizer

Compressed air atomizerGross weight of goods: 1.5kgCategory: CompressionApplicable people: adultsOri..


Sports fitness electronic pedometer

Sports fitness electronic pedometerGross weight: 100.00gOrigin of goods: China..


Multifunctional massage cushion

Multifunctional massage cushionControl method: mechanicalSafety Design: YesFuse: YesMassage techniqu..


Foot massage shoes

Foot massage shoesGross weight: 0.7kg..


Double head massage stick

Double head massage stickWhite Gray random delivery Promise variable speed free to switch to full bo..


Multifunctional massage pillow

Multifunctional massage pillowMassage parts: the head, neck, back, waist, legsControl method: mechan..


Vacuum cupping 12 cans

Vacuum cupping 12 cansProduct gross weight: 1.0kgOrigin: Guangzhou..


Moxibustion set

Moxibustion setGross weight: 465.00gOrigin: BeijingPacking l i s t: moxibustion box × 1, Ai paragrap..


Spring and summer charcoal warm knee pads

Spring and summer charcoal warm knee padsSpring and summer bamboo charcoal warm knee thin breathable..


Old cold leg knee

Old cold leg kneeApply easily electric knee pads hot compress package knee physiotherapy electric he..


Safety sleep capsule

Safety sleep capsuleSleep Capsule 60 capsules to improve sleepIngredients l i s t : Suanzaoren, Bozi..


Yak bone marrow Zhuanggufen

Yak bone marrow ZhuanggufenYak bone marrow powder 600 grams gift box to increase bone mineral densit..


Hong Kong dollars Yuan Tong Cordyceps Cs-4 capsules

Hong Kong dollars Yuan Tong Cordyceps Cs-4 capsulesThe Wai Yuen Tong Cordyceps Cs-4 capsule consists..


Wai Yuen Tong Yang Yin pill

Wai Yuen Tong Yang Yin pillSecret recipe experience hundreds of word of mouth• Widely promoted by tr..


Tomson times calcium plus vitamin D tablets 90 tablets * 2 bottles

Tomson times calcium plus vitamin D tablets 90 tablets * 2 bottlesBY-HEALTH Calcium and Vitamin D ta..