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Creative Color Ceramics

Creative Color Ceramics· Number of pieces : A pieces· Applicable number : 6 person· Tea Tableware Te..


Eight horse tea industry Tieguanyin box 250g

Eight Ma tea industry iron guanyin ceremony boxed 250g· Storage method: Prevent damp,..


Blue and white exquisite tea set

Blue and white exquisite tea set· Gross weight : 7kg· Origin : Dehua C..


Household Glass Tea Set

Household Glass Tea Set· Teapot *1 Cradle *1 Teacup *6 Pallet *1· Gross Weight: 1.0kg· Material: Gla..


Eight horse • JuJube fragrant Puer tea

JuJube Fragrant TeaChoose Yunnan Province Menghai Puer tea as raw material refined, alcohol concent..


Starbucks VIA Columbia Cook-free coffee The support

Starbucks VIA Columbia free of boiling coffee support · Gross Weight: 500.00g· Origin: Columbia· Num..


Italian coffee Beans

Italian coffee Beans· Shelf life: 365 Day· NET content : 300g · Series : Canned - Italy..


West Lake Brand Mingmai Super Longjing Tea

West Lake Brand Mingmai Super Longjing Tea· Storage method: Avoid high temperature and humidity· She..


Jin Jun Eyebrow Premium Black tea

Jin Jun Eyebrow Premium black tea · Gross Weight: 500.00g· Grade: Premium· Category: Jin Jun Eyebro..


Starbucks Columbia coffee beans

Starbucks Columbia coffee beans · INGREDIENTS table: Arabica coffee beans· Storage method: Room temp..


Starbucks Classic hand-punch set Gift box

Starbucks Classic hand-punch set gift box · Factory Name: Carson Valley Roasting Plant Starbucks Co..


Starbucks Sumatra Coffee Bean 250g

Starbucks Sioux Gate coffee 250g · Storage method: Room temperature· Shelf life: ?? Day· Food additi..


Rosewood Teapot

Rosewood Teapot· Origin : Yixing· Material : Purple Sand· Applicable number : 6 person· with tea tra..


Combine scented tea 3 Canned altogether 215g

Combine scented tea 3 Canned Total 215g · Gross Weight: 1.2kg· Product Name: Honeysuckle in glass ..


Anxi Tieguanyin 252g*2 Canned

Anxi tieguanyin 252g*2 Canned · Storage method: damp-proof anti-odor Avoid glare refrigerated best· ..


Nanjing Rain tea pottery jar gift Box

Nanjing Rain tea pottery jar gift Box· NET content : 250g· Food Crafts : Roasted Green Tea· Picking..


Happy Ann and Pu ' er tea gift box

Happy Ann and Pu ' er tea gift box· Ingredient table: Puer Tea Raw teas + Puer Tea Cooked· Storage m..


West Lake Super Longjing tea Gift Box

West Lake Super Longjing tea Gift Box· Storage method: Put in a cool and dry place· Shelf life: 365 ..


Starbucks Free boiled instant coffee

Starbucks Free boiled instant coffee· Ingredient list : Coffee Beans· Storage Methods : store in a c..


Wubao tea 180g (12g * 15 package)

Wubao tea 180g (12g * 15 package)Product Name: Five Treasure TeaProduct gross weight: 200.00gNet con..